French Institute to the UAE


Institut Français is a new institution, in charge of promoting French culture globally.

This Agency of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs is chaired by Xavier Darcos, former education Minister as well as International Cooperation Minister. It is an autonomous governmental body created on January 2011, with branch offices in 12 countries – including the UAE – opened on 1st January 2012.

Institut Français covers a wide range of missions with a goal: sharing culture. This is reached through cultural exchanges, exhibitions, public debates and promotion of the French language abroad.

In the UAE, Institut Français establishes its brand by proposing original, innovative or remarkable events and targeting specially emirati Youth. Institut Français also encourages artistic exchanges between local emerging talents and high-quality French artists. The cultural French-emirati cooperation also supports the membership of the UAE in the International organisation of La Francophonie as an observer member.

For more information please contact:

Institut Français des Emirats Arabes Unis

French Embassy P.O. Box 4014 Abu Dhabi UAE
Phone: (00 971) (0)2 813 10 58 - (00 971) (0)2 813 10 38


publié le 31/07/2016

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