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United Arab Emirates doctors interested in following a French residency programme to get a French diploma of specialisation can apply as of today till 15 April 2010.

The programme of cooperation is based on the excellence both of the doctors who will be trained and the French training delivered. The added value of specialisation training in France is that doctors work as practitioners at the same time as they receive high level teaching. United Arab Emirates (UAE) doctors have the same rights and obligations as the French residents, which means that their willingness to commit themselves in the program is highly expected. Under the condition that they pass the required exams, they will get the exact same diploma of specialisation as French doctors. Nevertheless, UAE doctors will not be able to stay in France to practise as a specialist. They are expected to come back in UAE


- have UAE nationality
- be a medical doctor
- be less than 35 years old

Dentists and other medical professions are not concerned by this call for application. Knowledge of the French language is not required to apply even though this is a plus.


- Registration form: “2010 - Registration form for medical specialised training in France”: this document (word format) can be downloaded from the web site and filled electronically
- Letter of motivation / statement letter
- Curriculum vitae / resumé
- Diplomas including graduation certificates, certificates of completion internship, other certificates, accreditations
- Grade transcripts
- Letters of recommendations / reference letters
- Copy of your passport
- Copy of your certificate of nationality

Feel free to provide any document which could represent, according to you, an added value to your application.

Pay particular attention to the letter of motivation which is meant to stress your motivation to come in France and to commit yourself to this French EAU programme of cooperation.

Your statement letter explains:
- who you are,
- why you choose this speciality
- why you want to go in France
- what your expectations are from the French resident programme regarding your professional objectives
- what is your professional future when coming back
- and all the information you judge useful to support your application.

Note that incomplete files will be systematically refused.


- E-mail highly recommended: documents in soft copy (registration form in WORD FORMAT and for other documents, if possible, in PDF format) will be sent to the following address:

The “subject” of your e-mail must be as follow: NAME – NATIONALITY - REQUESTED SPECIALITY – MAIL NUMBER since you will most likely not be able to send all the documents in one mail only. For example: Dr Abdulah Al Fayed – UAE - Urology – Number 1, Dr Abdulah Al Fayed – UAE - Urology – Number 2 etc.

DO NOT send your applications to the e-mail address of the counsellor for health Dr Marie-Christine Avargues

- If you cannot send the documents by e-mail, applications will be exceptionally accepted by fax to the attention of Dr Marie-Christine Avargues, Counsellor for health, + 966 1 482 8846

For any problem about your application, you can contact her by e-mail to the following address:


The procedure of evaluation will be carried out under the umbrella of a commission of medical experts. Interviews if needed would begin end of April / beginning of May.

The chance to be accepted depends of the quality of the candidate. It is also linked to the required speciality since there are very few places offered by France for some of them and many demands.

The letter of acceptance provided by the Commission will permit to the selected people to require sponsors. With their financial guarantee, they will be able to be registered in a French language centre (should they not speak French), then to ask for their visa. It is also important to note that before beginning the specialisation in France, they will have to give some proof of their good level in French language. This condition must be fulfilled without any exception.

Additional and updated information on the evaluation procedure will be delivered later on the website of the French embassy in UAE.

Application form:

Word - 69.5 kb
UAE Application_english2010-form

publié le 20 October 2010

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